Always a great service from Will and Graham.

 Jez Mac, Feb 2022

Very good nice people

 Stephen Lunt, Feb 2022

Friendly staff

Andy Downing, Dec 2021

We very happy with them very nice people all make welcome

Steve Lunt, Sept 2021

These guys are ace. Friendly, helpful service, loads of stock, good prices, fast turnaround. Basically just going to use these guys from now on. Cheers guys!

Thom Hayes, Sept 2021

Very competitively priced, good quality fencing, fantastic service.
I dealt with Will who I believe was the boss/ management. Very professional and made me feel like a valued customer with my little garden fence. Little did I know they had artic loads going out every day and I was barely a drop in the ocean. Wouldn't have had a clue if I hadn't popped in for more postcrete.
My experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend

William Hunter, June 2021

Very helpful staff, reasonably priced

Paul Pardoe, May 2021

Very nice place

Redzo Kadric, May 2021

Very professional service and helpful staff

John Robinson, April 2021

Friendly helpful staff , reasonably priced materials

H Griffiths, April 2021

Great place, fantastic prices

Jamie Roberts, April 2021

Good service and competitive prices.

Duncan Roberts, April 2021

What a nice man mr Reeves is very polite and chatty

Raymond Humphries, January 2021

Great service, delivery as expected, no fuss, no dramas

Roger Wynd, October 2020

If you want to get wood go to Reeves!

Paul Richmond, September 2020

Excellent service and excellent products

Mark Sayer, July 2020

Fast unloading, good staff, and get a coffee too 😁

Matt Roberts, June 2020

Very helpful in sorting out what I needed for my little project and a good price.

Glyn Davies, June 2020

Has everything you need, fencing, building materials etc, just ask. Great prices too.

Henbury Horse, June 2020

They have big timber stock including post,panels, sleepers, concrete structures for fencing.and much more.

Manjit Singh, May 2020

I don't go anywhere else for my timber, if Graham hasn't got it on his yard, you don't need it

Simon Forbes, October 2019

Fantastic company to get all your timber from, very helpful and friendly

Just Conservatory Repairs, September 2019

Great place for wood and fencing stuff

Martin Roberts, September 2019

Excellent family run business, if you need any sort of timber then look no further

PG Skips, August 2019 

I love them all especially gordan he's my favourite

AI Ligus, August 2019

Best timber yard in miles

Christopher Burrage, August 2019 

Serious timber merchants. Good stuff price is ok

Daniel Sullivan, January 2019

Great place for all your outdoor timber needs. From fencing to gates and all in-between at what are very competitive prices.

Paul Evans, November 2018